Home Maid Housekeeping Agency is a residential house cleaning Referral service for North County San Diego. Through a unique method of operation and tested cleaning techniques the professional house cleaners we provide can offer better quality cleaning services at lower rates than most traditional cleaning services.

Traditional cleaning services are plagued with poor working conditions and have a very high turnover among their cleaning crew employees. The factors that have created these working conditions are stress, because of an emphasis on “speed cleaning” when cleaning on a crew, and low pay, due to high overhead expenses. With traditional cleaning services you can’t be sure from one cleaning visit to the next who will be in your home and have easy access to your personal and valuable belongings. Under these conditions employee turn over is high and the level of service in your home tends to be inconsistent. Theft can also be an issue when you don’t have the same trusted house cleaner for every service visit. It is important to know exactly who will be in your home on each cleaning visit.

The house cleaners we send out are among the very best. They must prove that they have extensive full-charge professional house cleaning experience. The house cleaners we send to our clients are carefully screened and their references are checked thoroughly before they are ever allowed to work in a home. Our service requires each house cleaner to adhere to the highest standards in cleaning procedures and ethical behavior. They may work as individuals or in teams. They are highly skilled professionals who have invested the time and effort required to achieve excellence in house cleaning skills.

Our careful screening helps to insure that you and your professional house cleaner can enjoy a mutually beneficial working relationship. Home Maid’s professional house cleaners are able to build a rapport with their clients that most traditional cleaning services simply cannot develop. With Home Maid you will get consistently high quality cleaning services from a house cleaner you know and trust visit after visit. There will be no wondering who is coming to clean your home!


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